Duration:26 months, 01.01.2004-28.02.2006
Partners:Deloitte (NL), Expertnet (GR), Ubizen (BL), FOKUS (DE), AET Europe (NL), University of Zurich (CH), Municipality of Seville (ES), University of Piraeus (GR), University of Siegen (DE), Municipality of Siena (IT), Municipality of Aachen (DE), Municipality of Bozen-Bolzano (IT)
Funding agency:IST STREP project

Municipalities are the government organizations with which citizens interact most frequently. Documents and services released by municipalities to citizens impose all security requirements: confidentiality, authentication of data and user, integrity, and non-repudiation. The overall objective of eMayor was to develop and implement an open, secure, and affordable e-Government platform for small and medium European public organizations in order to

This project contributed towards the provision of secure and interoperable e-Government services accross different member states of Europe. To be successful, the eMayor was designed to be simple, open, and followed widely accepted standards with good market support. The platform was based on Internet and enabled communication with legacy and newley developed systems via Web Services.